Welcome to Skeet25!

Skeet25 is the app for you who want to keep track of your results. The app is simple to use and gives you detailed information about how you perform overall and on different stations. This gives you immediate feedback about your abilities on different stations and will help you to improve your performance for competition or just for fun.

You can find the app on Get it on Google Play .

At the moment the app is only made for Olympic Skeet, Nordisk Trap, Sporting and American Skeet. However, in future releases other disciplines will be included as well.

To start a session simply press “Start Session” in the start menu:

Start Menu Live Session

During the session, you simply press “Hit” or “Miss” as you go.

After the session you save the result and it is automatically added to the statistics. Choosing “Results” in the start menu, you get different choices of how you can see your performance.


Under “Last Session” you can see how you did the last round and under “Overview” you get a chart which shows how many hits you have had together with the mean. It is possible to view your last 20 results for example as well as your total history. That gives you feedback on your overall performance as well as your current performance.

LastSession Overview Chart

Under “Detailed Results” you have the possibility to see how you perform on each station. It gives you the average hit rate and here you can also see your performance for different number of rounds.

Detailed Result Detailed Result Station 4

Finally, under “Daily Results”, you can simply choose a date and see how you performed that day. You also have the opportunity to delete some results if you would like to.

Daily Result Daily Result List

Written on January 31, 2016